Heavy Lift / Project Cargo Transportation

Another strong pillar of MCS. As independent Brokers and Contractors we are in daily contact with all the Heavy Lift Operators all over the world. We are able to offer you a wide variety of tonnage such as Heavy Lift vessels, Self-propelled Semi-Submersible Heavy Transport vessels, Semi-Submersible Dockships, (Submersible) Pontoons, Multipurpose vessels, geared or gearless Dry Cargo vessels, RoRo vessels, etcetera for the worldwide transport of your heavy and/or voluminous cargo. 

Over the past 30 years we have performed quite some impressive transports all over the globe, either by means of self-propelled tonnage or Tug/Barge combinations. Transport of a full load of dredging/construction equipment,  Tugboats, Shoalbusters, Crew Transfer Vessels, Jack-Up  Platforms, (umbilical) Reels, huge Floating Drydocks, (Super)Yachts, etcetera, all of them were transported by our company either as Brokers or as Contractors (i.e. on a turnkey basis, all inclusive, door to door) to the entire satisfaction of our customers. 

Whether lift-on/off, float-in/out, float-on/off or roll-on/off is required, and no matter the complexity of your cargo, we are confident we will be able to provide you with the most  economical solution with the right type/size of tonnage for whatever transport requirement you may have from/to whatever part of the globe.

Where experience and dedication counts, we say “try us and you will not be disappointed”.