Sale & Purchase


For more than 40 years now, we have been working as a sworn and certified broker of seagoing vessels. This service is provided by our subsidiary Intershitra S&P


Sale & Purchase and vessel valuations

As a sworn and certified broker, we mediate in selling and purchasing both second-hand and newly build ships, such as dry cargo ships, multipurpose ships, heavy lift ships, refrigerated ships and tankers. We also mediate in all conceivable offshore-related vessels, such as tugboats of all shapes and sizes, supply vessels, crew vessels, crane vessels, pontoons and multicats. Over the years, we have also been able to carry out various newbuilding and conversion projects,

thanks to our connections with shipyards around the world. In addition to the sale and purchase of vessels, we provide vessel valuations (through desktop valuations) of all types of seagoing ships and related floating equipment. These valuations are carried out on behalf of shipping companies, captain/owners, national and international banks, insurance companies and dispatchers. If desired, we also assist with ship registrations.


Dutch Sworn/Certified Shipbroker

With a dedicated team of ship brokers, an up-to-date database of more than 100,000 vessels and more than 90 years of experience, we can offer the full package and guide you through every step of the sale and purchase process, from the very first contact to the successful delivery of the ship.

Thanks to our close ties with MCSI Rotterdam and long term relationships with offshore owners and shipping companies, operators/managers and operators all over the world, we offer the perfect platform to purchase top quality vessels or to offer your vessel for sale. And being totally independent, we advise our customers 100% independently (both buyers and sellers).

Intershitra S&P B.V. is internationally recognized as a Dutch Sworn/Certified Shipbroker and is also a member of The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers.


In need of something new? Or looking for an occasion? Maybe selling your unit or a valuation, nice to meet! We are Intershitra Sale & Purchase