Towage or salvage of your ship in distress or a general towage requirement? MCSI Rotterdam takes care of it! At any time of the day, on any continent


Tailor-made solutions in every situation

For decades now, MCSI Rotterdam has been specialized in towage all types of floating objects, ranging from cargo ships and pontoons to offshore objects and floating drydocks. We also take care of towage or salvage of vessels in distress. Thanks to our global network, we can handle any request and always find the right type and size of tugboat for your requirement. At any time of the day, wherever you are.

Working together with tugowners all over the world, we can offer tailor-made solutions in every situation and at any time. Thanks to our large-scale global network, there is always a solution within reach. By updating our database daily and continuously monitoring the market, we always guarantee the quickest, the best and the most innovative solution at the most competitive rates.


100% independent advice

As an independent intermediary, we offer 100% independent advice, always looking for the best solution for you. Not only do we arrange the right tugboat for your specific situation, we also screen the market, we make sure to get you the best deal possible and we take care of all the paperwork for you. Once your object is on its way, we also provide you with daily reports until the object has arrived safely at the port of destination.

Whether it concerns towage an object from A to B or towage or salvage of a vessel in distress, our team is ready to serve you quickly and adequately. Day and night, anywhere in the world.



For a general tow or your vessel in distress, contact MCSI